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How to sew side slant pockets, tutorial

How to sew side pockets

Tutorial based on Papavero pattern “Krótka spódniczka”.

Steps to sew the pocket:

1. The pocket’s opening has an additional panel in this skirt so sew it with the front of the skirt (place pieces right sides together).
2. Next join the facing of the pocket with the pocket’s bag (also place them right sides together).
3. Press seam allowances of sewn pieces toward the pocket’s opening.
4. Place the pieces from previous steps right sides together and sew them along the pocket’s opening.

5. Press the pocket’s opening and topstitch it. I sewed it in two places – at the top and at the bottom of pocket’s opening panel (second stitch is hidden in the previous seam).
6. Match the piece #7 (the side part of the front with second part of the pocket’s bag ) and sew the pocket bag’s parts together – only the curvy section (without the top and the side).
7. Of course repeat all the steps on the other side if you didn’t do it earlier. Pin the pieces at the top and at the side and sew the rest of the skirt.

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