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My favourite interfacings

I’m not an expert in the filed of interfacings, and I’m not going to pretend otherwise. Every sewist however needs to deal with the subject of interfacings somehow. Over the years I was able to find three products that I really liked, and I want to share them with you.

1. Non-woven, stitch bonded, fusible interfacing

This is a quite soft interfacing reinforced with threads. I use it to secure smaller areas of a fabric, and to make stay tapes. I also fuse it to secure pockets’ openings, fabric under buttons or inward corners that going to be clip.
nonwoven, stitch bonded, fusible interfacing

2. Woven, elastic, fusible interfacing

This is my favourite when it comes to sewing clothes. It’s incredibly soft and pleasant to touch. I use it on small as well as large areas, and it never did any harm to my projects. I use it with both knits and woven fabrics.
black, woven, elastic, fusible interfacing

3. Woven fusible interfacing

The last one is a little thicker product, stable in both directions, and it looks like a soft canvas. It stiffens the fabric a little, but mostly adds “volume” to it. I use it on larger areas in clothes (only with thicker fabrics e.g. for coats and jackets), but the most often I use it when sewing bags and other accessories.
woven fusible interfacing

And what type of interfacings do you use? Do you have any favourites?

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