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How to sew a mini bow tie, sewing project for beginners

Mini Bow Tie – Sewing Tutorial for Scrap Busters

Like everything else, men’s fashion evolves too. Men much more often these days choose to diversify their outfits, even if it’s a formal wear. Mini bow tie pin is only one of the examples.

While not many of you probably would take a shot at sewing a men’s jacket, you can sneak in a little bit of your creativity with such a trinket 🙂
How to sew a mini bow tie - materials

You will need:

  • rectangle of fabric in size:
    • 15,5 x 7 cm (13,5 x 5 cm + 1 cm seam allowances)
    • 6 x 2 3/4 in (5 2/8 x 2 in + 3/8 in seam allowances)
  • shank button

Sewing steps

1. Fold the rectangle in half (right side of the fabric inside) and sew it, leaving a small opening in the middle. Press open the seam allowances – you can do it on a wooden spoon.

2. Sew the sides of the tunnel, then turn the piece right side out.
3. Use invisible / ladder stitch to close the seam opening. Next fold the strap into 3 equal parts.4. Sew the piece in the middle, then wrap the thread several times around the bow tie. You can use heavier, shiny thread in this step, but standard thread will also suffice.
5. Secure the thread on the back of the bow tie, then sew on the button. Secure the thread again, and cut it off.

It takes only a moment to sew this mini bow tie, but the question is: do you like accessories like that?

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