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Men’s costume

rp_siw_prev-m-212x300.jpg“Siwosz” – that’s his name – was invented as a promotion of local NGOs. Creating the costume was a challenge, but I’m really happy with the result. The set includes pants, shirt and a coat which was the most difficult part.

The pants and the shirt

They were made of a beige linen. The fabric is easy to sew so there were no surprises. The pants are simple with an elastic in the waist. The Shirt has a lace up neckline with grommets.

The coat

As I wrote before the coat was the most difficult and time consuming part of the costume. I based my pattern on an ordinary men’s jacket so there were a lot of changes. The coat had to look like there are 2 layers – they didn’t want separates.

On a women’s dress form it didn’t look good so I was a little bit worried, but when I saw it on a model … well, that was a completely different story 🙂

The model was chosen perfectly, and accessories made this costume even more unique.
Double layer coat with vest, costume

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