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How to sew ecobag, shopping bag tutorial, DIY

How to sew an ecobag, shopping bag tutorial

Another simple project for beginners 🙂


  • woven fabric – for one bag about 0,5 mb / 0.55 yds, for 3 bags 1.25 mb / 1.4 yds (fabric 140 cm / 55 in wide)
  • pins
  • ruler / measuring tape

Sewing steps:

1. Cut out the bag and handles from the fabric. You will need 1 rectangle 46 x 95 cm / 17 x 37 in for the bag and 2 rectangles 54 x 10 cm / 21 x 4 in for the handles.
I was sewing 3 bags at the same time so in this case it is better to divide fabric width by 3 and use it as a bag width (instead of number 46 / 17 ).

2. Making the handles
Press the trips of the fabric in half. Unfold them and press the sides to the center (edges should meet along the first fold line). Fold the strips in half again and press it, making sure that the edges are aligned nicely.

3.Sew the straps along the edges. Start with the open edge, then sew the other one.

4. Take the bag rectangle. Sew the sides using french seam.

Fold the rectangle in half widthwise, with right side of fabric outside. Sew the sides close to the edge (you can sew it a little farther and trim the seam allowances later). Remember to backstitch at the beginning and end of the seam.

Press the seams and turn the bag left side out, press it again. Make another stitch along the sides. This way you don’t have to finish the edges with an overlock or zigzag stitch.

5. Create the bottom of the bag by sewing the corners. Then press the corners.

The side seams should be located at the center. I sew the corners at a place where a stitch line was about 8-10 cm / 3-4 inches in length.

Pin the corners and sew them, to the bottom of the bag, along the edges making triangle shaped stitching.

6. Finish the top edge and attach the handles.

Draw a line 2 cm / 0.8 in from the top, then draw another line 2,5 cm / 1 in. Press the fabric along these lines.

Mark the center on both sides, then measure 8 cm / 3 inches in both directions from the center and mark the distance. Place the ends of the handles at marked positions and fold them under the edge. Pin them.

Sew the bag along the pressed edge. Use the second handle to level your sewing machine foot or use a dedicated button on your sewing machine when sewing through bulkiness.

7. Reinforce the handles by sewing the square with a X in it. I made just the square and left a place in there for rivets 🙂
8. Tie and cut the loose threads off.

Enjoy your new bag 🙂

How to sew ecobag, shopping bag sewing tutorial, DIY for beginners

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