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Handmade gift packaging, drawstring gift bag tutorial

How to sew a drawstring, fabric gift bag with lining

Christmas are coming soon, so it’s a good time to think about gift packing. Today I’ll show you my way of sewing a drawstring gift bag. I like this method because the bag is lined, which gives a beautiful finish inside and outside 🙂

Required materials

  • fabric
  • ribbon

Cutting scheme

Below you will find a scheme that will help you calculate the dimensions of a rectangle, out of which the gift bag will be sewn. Remember that it will be cut from a folded fabric, so the actual width of the rectangle must be multiplied by 2.

The height of the rectangle (which is the width of the bag) equals 1/2 your gift’s circumference + ease + seam allowances.
How to sew a drawstring gift bag - cutting scheme

Sewing steps

1. Transfer, onto the rectangle, the lines of the bottom and the placement of the ribbon casing. Sew the sides, leaving an opening on both sides of the casing/tunnel. Press open seam allowances.

2. Spread and pin the seam allowances, then sew the bottom of the bag, leaving an opening in the middle. Press open seam allowances.
3. Form all 4 corners of the bag, sew them, then trim the excess fabric.
4. Turn the bag right side out through the opening in the bottom.
5. Close the opening by hand using ladder stitch (invisible stitch), then push the bottom into the bag.
6. Draw two lines connecting the sides of the casing’s openings, then sew the bag around.
7. Iron the bag, and thread the ribbon through the casing. The ribbon should form a loop.

My gift bag is ready, and how is yours?
Handmade gift packaging, drawstring gift bag tutorial

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