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Hand press machine โ€“ how to attach rivets, eyelets, snaps and make fabric covered buttons

Hand press machine part 2 โ€“ how to attach rivet, jeans rivet buttons and make fabric covered buttons

If you haven’t seen the first part yet, see this post. And today I’ll continue describing the die sets, that I have and am using ๐Ÿ™‚

How to install rivets with rivet die set

Rivets are used to connect, strengthen and decorate products – wherever you have several layers of material – belts, jeans, handbags, shoes and so on. Rivets come in different sizes, colors and designs, and your die set has to match them.

To attach a rivet you’ll also need a hole punched. When I bought my die set I was told that a rivet can pierce a material by itself. Well, that’s maybe true, but forcing a rivet through the material weakens it so much that you can separate it with your hands…. and you definitely don’t want that.

So, make a hole first, insert your rivet post through the hole, snap a rivet cap on the post, and press it with your die.

How to install rivet buttons with jeans button die set

With jeans buttons it’s simple – you only need a die set. A sharp stud will pierce a fabric by itself.

How to make fabric covered buttons with button covering dies

This is the last type of die that I own. To use it you first need to cut out a circle from a fabric – you can use a die to do it or you can cut it out by hand. Of course if you need a lot of buttons it’s easier to cut it with the die ๐Ÿ™‚

Match the die to the size of your buttons. Press the die with a screw.

Of course, there are many other useful dies out there – as I said before it’s a really versatile device ๐Ÿ™‚

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