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About the blog

I created this blog in May 2011 – originally in Polish, and translated to English in 2016. The main topics of this blog are:

  • sewing women’s clothing
  • sewing accessories
  • working with sewing patterns

I gladly share my knowledge, so I hope that my posts will inspire and motivate you to continue to work on your skills.

About me

My name is Margaret (in Polish Małgorzata), but everyone calls me Gosia. I am an IT specialist with a creative flair, who learns Norwegian in spare time 🙂 My sewing journey started in 2004, and, as you can see, continues to this day.

I am self-taught but, as often as I can, I reach out to more experienced people. In 2013 I took a course of sewing and pattern making, and nowdays I broaden my knowledge mostly with help of books and the Internet.

About me

Media / Cooperation

Do you want to use some of the content found on this blog – contact me. In most cases I don’t mind as long as you provide a backlink to my blog.

Do you have an idea for cooperation? Contact me and write what you have in mind 🙂


You can contact me by sending an email to:

…or by using the contact form below.

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