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attaching bias tape around corners, binding a corner

Sewing corners with bias tape.

This is the last post of this series – as a reminder, in previous posts I showed you: how to make a bias tape, how to make a continuous bias tape, how to sew a bias tape, and how to sew curves with bias tape. Today I’m going to examine corners with a fine-tooth comb.

90 degree angle

Sewing the right angle is quite simple.

1. Sew one of the sides, stopping at a distance of seam allowance’s width from the edge.

2. Fold the bias tape along the diagonal, then fold it again along the edge. Sew the other side.

3. Turn the project to the other side, wrap the bias tape around one of the edges. Press it.

4. Wrap the bias tape around the second edge. Press it. Sew the bias tape along its edge.

Binding acute and reflex angles

These are the most difficult, but there is also a way to sew them. I advice you to baste the tape before you sew it with your sewing machine – in the example, however, I skipped this step.

attaching bias tape around corners, binding a corner

1. Mark the placement of the corner on your bias tape, fold the tape in this place.

2.Transfer the corner’s shape onto the bias tape, sew it. I usually do it with the beginning of the seam a little distance from the edge.

3. Clip it to the corner, you can also trim the seam allowances (but it’s not necessary). Press it, so that the seam allowances won’t poke out.

4. Match the bias tape to the corner and mark the second corner’s placement. Fold the bias tape at the marked place

5. Transfer the corner’s shape to the bias tape – it’s easiest to use disappearing ink fabric marker, because it will leave marks also on the bottom layer. Unwrap the bias tape, and redraw the lines.

5. Clip it to the corners, trim the seam allowances.

6. Push the corner and press it. Trim the tip of the corner a little bit (on the fabric). Place the bias tape along the edge and sew it.

Your corners are done 🙂

So this is the end of the series, but I hope that everyone finds something in it for themselves. Or maybe there is something more to say on this matter, that I forgot about? Share your thoughts in the comments section below:)

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