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small sewing room, thread shelf

My sewing room :)

I want to show you a place where all my projects come to life 🙂
Small sewing room, sewing space at homeMy sewing half-room is small, maybe not so beautiful as some of yours, but I have here everything I need here.

I like my thread shelf the most. It was handmade, painted light grey to match to the walls – I’m really proud of it 😀 It’s both practical and pretty so what more can you wish for.
small sewing room, thread shelfOn an L-shaped desk there is a sewing machine, an overlock, and a hand press machine. In the drawers I’ve got scissors, tailor’s chalk, measure tapes etc. Under the desk are all the fabric which I couldn’t squeeze into a closet.

Next there is a sewing Mannequin and my ironing station. In a box I’ve got different kinds of interfacing, and under the board there’s a “toaster” – which helps me fuse them with the fabric.
Space is “closed” by shelves on which there is chaos – I keep there all the ribbons, bias tapes, zippers, small threads, more fabrics, unfinished projects and so on…
Small sewing room, sewing space at homeThere is only one thing that I’m missing – a large cutting table, but it would have to go with apartment larger than mine, so for now the floor has to do 🙂

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