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How to sew zippered pocket, zipper pocket tutorial

How to sew zippered pocket – step by step tutorial

Do you remember this tutorial: how to make single welt pockets?
Today I’m going to show you a variation on this method – that is how to sew a pocket with a zipper.

To make it clearer, in this tutorial I used pieces in different colors and a contrasting thread. Of course you would achieve nicer result with matching components 🙂

Sewing steps

1. Prepare the necessary pieces. You need a rectangle for pocket’s facing (green color) – I added 2 cm / 0.8 in seam allowances around. You also need a pocket’s bag (blue piece) – a rectangle width the same as the green piece, height: 2x pocket’s deep + height of the green piece (more or less :)).

Secure the wrong side of the outer fabric with interfacing. Mark the pocket placement on the outer fabric and the pocket’s facing.

2. Pin the facing’s right side to the right side of outer fabric. Sew the pieces along the contour.
3. Cut the pocket’s opening – cut through the middle and diagonally to the corners (as shown in the photo). Be careful not to cut the stitching. Pull the facing through the opening and press the edges.
4. Place the zipper under the opening and pin it. Sew around close to the edge (you can use 3 mm (1/8 in) seam foot).
5. Pin the pocket’s bag to the bottom of the zipper and sew it (as shown in the pictures). Use zipper foot to sew close to the folded fabric – this way you’ll hide the edge of the zipper’s tape in the seam. Press it.
6. Fold the pocket’s bag in half and pin its top edge to the top of the zipper – sew it the same way as the bottom.
7. The last step – sew the sides. Once finished, you can trim the seam allowances with pinking scissors.

Finished zippered pocket

Do you sew the zippered pockets the same way or do you have other ways to do it?

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