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How to sew perfect corners? Comparison of methods.

How to sew perfect corners? A comparison of methods.

Do you know how to obtain perfectly sharp corners? Knowledge of different methods allows you to choose the best one for a job. That’s why I prepared a small comparison for you.
How to sew perfect corners? Comparison of methods.

Acute angles

First method

In this method we sew the corner by stopping the needle at corner tip, rotating the fabric on the needle and sewing the second arm of the corner. We trim the seam allowances as shown in the picture.

Second method

In the second method we shorten the length of the stitch before the tip of the corner. While sewing the corner don’t go til the end, but make 2 stitches across, cutting the tip of your corner with the stitch. Sew a few more short stitches at the second arm and then change the stitch length to standard settings. Trim the seam allowances, but don’t trim the fabric too close to the tip.

Comparison of methods

I admit that I had to see the second method a few times before I decided to test it. It didn’t seem logical to me, but guess what – it really works! I really like it, and there is a visible difference between these two methods. Changing the stitch length gives additional protection to the fabric – so it’s also a good practice.
How to obtain perfectly sharp corners? Sewing acute angles, sharp angle

Right angles

With right angles we have 3 options (that I know of) to choose from. The first two are the same as those above, the third one is a variation of the first method.
How to sew perfectly sharp corners? Sewing right angles.
In the third method, instead of trimming seam allowances we press them along the stitch, and overlay them in the corner.

Comparison of methods

In this case the sharpest one (in my opinion) was the corner no. 3, but the first method wasn’t far behind. The second method doesn’t seem to work here.
The third method, however, might be a little problematic – as a result we get a significantly thicker corner which at some projects may look bad. Anyway it’s an interesting solution that is good to know of. How to sew perfectly sharp corners? Sewing right angles.So which method do you choose? Did you know all of them? Or maybe you’re familiar with some other solutions?

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