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How to sew a perfect circle with and without a circular attachment

How to sew perfect circle – with and without circular attachment

The circular sewing attachment is a fairly simple device, mounted in place of the bobbin cover plate. The circular attachment is adjustable – you can sew with it a circle of a diameter between 5 cm (2”) and 29 cm (11”).

Sewing with this device is easy as long as you stiffen your fabric properly. If you don’t want to stiffen it permanently, you can use embroidery tear-away stabilizer – bind it with the fabric using temporary adhesive. There are also adhesive tear-away stabilizers on the market, but I find them more difficult to remove after sewing. Now put your stabilized fabric on a sharp spindle and start sewing. The only thing you need to do is to stop your sewing machine at the right moment – finally I found some use for the start/stop button on my sewing machine! The ability to change the radius of a circle is a really nice feature – especially when you use it a lot. Unfortunately the price of the circle attachment can be quite high for such a simple device so I want to show you a nice alternative.

You will need only a thumb tack (preferably with a flat head) and a double-sided tape.

Place a small piece of the tape on the thumb tack, then attach the thumb tack to your sewing machine. You have to stick it on the needle line (as shown in the picture) – for me it was easy, because my sewing machine has a factory applied line in that place. Pierce the fabric on the thumb tack and start sewing – the circle looks as perfect as the one made with the circular attachment. Truth be told, I’ve only used my circular attachment twice (I got it as a bonus with my sewing machine) – the first time was immediately after the purchase, and the second time was when I wrote this post 😀 I’m not a big fan of decorative stitches – maybe because it takes a really long time to sew them. I believe, however, that there are people in this world who show greater patience on this topic than me.

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