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How to sew over bulky seams, sewing over thick seam, bulkiness

How to sew over bulky seams (thick seam)

This problem is probably known to every sewist out there. I’m going to show you how to obtain nice, even stitches while sewing over the bumps.

How does this problem look like and where does it come from?

Most often a sewing machine reduces stitch length while sewing over a bump. Also the stitch line can be slightly deformed. It may not be visible from a distance, but if you can do it better than why not?
How to sew over bulky seams, sewing over thick seam, bulkinessThe problem occurs because the front of the presser foot is raised, and the foot presses against a fabric. This interrupts the fabric movement.

How to sew over bulkiness?

The solution is simple – you need to align the level of your presser foot. To do that put something under the back of the presser foot e.g. folded fabric. Now the problem is eliminated, the presser foot can slide over the fabric again which results in a nice seam.

6 thoughts on “How to sew over bulky seams (thick seam)

  1. There is also a presser foot available which lifts the back end of the foot for you. It has a spring loaded button at the back, right side. When you reach a bulky spot and the front of the foot begins to rise, just press the foot front down with your finger and hold it while pushing the little button inward. It locks the foot in a level position while you sew over the lump/bump then automatically snaps back in position once you’re on the normal seam again. Most Brother machines come with this foot included. I have one and it works quite well.
    You can also buy little plastic “chucks” of different heights to slide under your foot the way you do with fabric. But this seems a ridiculous waste of money to me, especially since folded fabric works just fine too. Or if you have a handyman at home, have him saw up some little wooden chucks for you.

    1. Thanks for such a detailed comment! You’re right, there is a special foot for that, and I actually have it on in these photos 😀 However, I still prefer putting a piece of fabric underneath the presser foot, because the spring often pops out of its place, which is annoying. At least that’s my experience 🙂

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