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How to make bias tape, your own bias tape, tutorial

How to make bias tape?

How to make bias tape, your own bias tape, tutorial

Bias tape is a narrow strip of fabric, cut on the bias (45 degree angle to the selvage), with folded edges. Bias tape is used to secure edges from unraveling or for purely decorative purpose.

You can buy ready-made product, but making it yourself is simple, and guarantees a perfect match for your project 🙂

To make a bias tape we need to cut bias strips of fabric. You can do it in the following way:

1.Cut a square of fabric. It’s very important to maintain the straight grain – one of the square’s sides should go parallel to the fabric’s edge (selvage).

2. Fold the square along the diagonal – you can press the edge. Draw lines parallel to the diagonal in a distance 2x desired width of bias tape.

3. Cut the strips of fabric and sew them together – you can see the correct way of doing that on the picture below. Place the strips at right angle to each other, the right sides of fabric are inside.

4. Press open the seam allowances and trim protruding ends.


The above way is good, but when you need a short piece of bias tape you can use a shortcut. In this case I just put 45° set square ruler to the edge of fabric (selvage) and draw a line. Then I draw another line parallel to the first. Measure the desired length of the strip and cut it out.

Pressing the strips

Once you have your bias strips you can make the bias tape. Do it by pressing the longer edges to the center of the tape. Personally I do it in a way that mimics the ready-made bias tapes – leaving a small gap in the middle. This reduces the width of the seam allowances but it also increases the width of the tape. In other words – it leaves additional ease for the fabric’s thickness, to which the tape will be sewn.

You can use bias tape makers to press the strips, which will speed up the work a little bit.

So this is how you can make your own bias tape 🙂

Bias tape maker, how to make bias tape, your own bias tape, tutorial

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