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Large tote bag, blue - ecri - violet - asymmetric, handmade bag

Handmade tote bag

I like large bags – you can carry all the “necessary” things with you and still have room for small shopping 🙂 I made this bag of polyester woven fabric in 3 colors. The fabric was laying around and I finally decided to use it, but I admit that it wasn’t the best choice.

The bag doesn’t look bad, but it would look much better if sewed with stiffer fabric – like cotton woven fabric, faux suede or faux leather. Nevertheless I like this design very much and probably will use this pattern in the future.
The bag was stiffened with foam, so it keeps shape even when it’s empty. The foam also adds a little weight to the bag – which suits me, but some people may view this as a minus. The interior is zippered and lined with an Ikea cotton fabric.

Pattern: Ardente Design – tote bag with zipper closure w-t006

Do you have a similar experience? Do you find yourself choosing fabrics that are not ideal for your project? Do you compromise to decrease your fabric stash? 🙂

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