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Floral hobo bag, handcrafted shoulder bag

Floral hobo bag – the last blast of summer

The Summer has fled, it’s cold and dreary outside. On such days you instinctively reach for dark colors to fit in with the surroundings. I would write that to fight that dismal aura, I made a colorful handbag, but the truth is that the bag was sewed two months ago 😐 I just didn’t have time and energy to do the photoshoot.
Floral hobo bag, handcrafted shoulder bagSewing the bag wasn’t very difficult, but I have to admit that making the pattern took me a while. The model is simple, still there was always something to improve – although my partner claimed that the first version already was looking good. Well, this is my new job – to sew, to test and to improve… to sew again and so on.

Finally, however, I found the proportions that were satisfying, and I created this bag. It’s made of an Ikea’s cotton and red faux leather. Hobo bags are associated rather with a slouchy posture, but I wanted to add a stiff bottom to it, because it seems more practical to me. And other than that, as usual – pockets, rivets etc.

Pattern: Ardente Design – hobo bag t008

So how do you like my end of the summer bag? Do you like hobo bags?

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