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How to sew double patch pocket, roomy pocket

Double patch pocket – tutorial

This kind of patch pocket is most common used in bags. The roomy part was design to carry mobile phones – well, the phones changed over past couple of years, so such small pocket isn’t enough in most cases any more, but you can always adjust it to your needs 🙂

Sewing steps

To make this pocket you need a rectangle, which height equals 2x the expected pocket height, and width equals the width of both pockets + 2-3 cm / 1 inch (for pleat). Of course, you need to add seam allowances around the rectangle. How to sew double patch pocket, roomy pocket1. Fold the pocket piece in half – right side of fabric should be inside. Sew as shown in the picture, leave an opening on one side. Make turns with the needle in the down position and with the presser foot raised.

2. Cut the seam allowances at the corners diagonally, and turn the pocket right side out through the opening.3. Push the corners, press the edges, then topstitch the pocket along the top edge.4. Make a pleat in the middle of the piece and press it.5. Place the pocket on a fabric, align it, and make a vertical seam along the fold line.6. Fold the pleat and sew the pocket around – reinforce the upper corners with additional stitching(triangles).
Your pocket is done 🙂
How to sew double patch pocket, roomy pocket

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