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Backstitching, locking a seam - how to secure pocket's corners

Backstitching while sewing on pockets

In the last post I showed you how I make double patch pockets. Today I would like to add a few words about finishing seams.

I hope that you’re familiar with what backstitching is. Securing an end of a seam from ripping should be a natural reflex of every sewist. However, when it comes to sewing on pockets, traditional backstitching is not enough. Tension that occur on seams during usage makes it easy for a fabric to tear (and a pocket to get torn out). Below you’ll find a few ways to deal with this matter. You can reinforce the corners with a triangle shaped stitching or with a zigzag stitch.
Double stitching works well in both cases – at the corners and when you want to divide a pocket into separate compartments.
To finish a seam you can also use one of the decorative stitches – not all of them are suitable, but it’s worth keeping them in mind.
What’s your favourite way to finish a seam? Do you use any of the methods shown or do you have some other way to do it?

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