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black and red skirt with sewn on ribbons and lace

Is it gothic or folk?

Number of photos in today’s post will probably be proportional to the amount of work put into sewing on these ribbons 😛 I mostly sew for myself but sometimes it’s nice to make an exception, and try to materialize someone else’s idea. This skirt was a pretty big challenge, but also a creative and fun experience.

The model of the skirt isn’t difficult – an asymmetric half circle, but sewing on the ribbons running diagonally to the straight grain of the fabric – is a completely different story! To facilitate the task, I added lines to the pattern where the ribbons should be placed, and the temporary fabric adhesive was very helpful in this project. At the end I gave the skirt a good press, and I managed to tame unruly fibers of the fabric.
Sewing on the ribbons unfortunately stiffened a little the whole skirt , but it was a small compromise in order to achieve the effect of lines extending from the waist. The skirt’s look had to relate to the folk style, so I decided to add a cotton lace.
And finally a few photos on the owner. The skirt was sewn as a “stage costume”, and I think it does its job well.

Photoshoot: Marcin Somerlik

How do you like this skirt? 🙂

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